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9 Circular & Chic Resort Wear for Conscious Travellers

The joy, excitement and happiness of vacationing increases tenfold when the elation of choosing luxury resort wear also becomes a part of the holiday planning. After all, the vacation pre-planning...

The joy, excitement and happiness of vacationing increases tenfold when the elation of choosing luxury resort wear also becomes a part of the holiday planning. After all, the vacation pre-planning is as joyful as the real vacation. 

However, the most common concern regarding ladies' resort wear is that once travellers return home, the resort wear ends up in a landfill. It’s never a sustainable practice that prevents the clothes from enjoying their full life cycle and prematurely losing their value. Here comes the future of fashion - circular fashion! It’s all about making eco-conscious choices, even when it comes to our vacation wardrobe. Our clothes are not meant to be one-time wonders - they should last long enough to go through all the stages of circular fashion. Circular resort wear is a fusion of sustainability and style that's perfect for the modern wanderer. 

Circular Fashion in Resort Wear: Where Sustainability Meets Style

Traditional resort wear often relies on conventional manufacturing processes or linear production cycles that harm the environment. Circular resort wear, on the other hand, embraces sustainability at its core. It's all about closing the loop – using recycled materials, minimising waste, and prioritising ethical production practices.

The first step toward eco-friendly wear is investing in beach fashion that’s made of sustainable fabrics that stand the test of time, and there are scopes to build other textile products from the remains. The unsustainable, resource-intensive fabric options do not offer such benefits and can sit in the landfill decade after decade. Want to know more about the best vacation clothes fabrics for women? Scroll down: 

Eco-Friendly Fabrics for Resort Wear - How Travellers Can Support Sustainable Fashion

While most of us are guilty of investing in one-time resort wear, it doesn’t need to be so. Even your summer vacation dresses can be long-term wear for you or someone else before reaching the recycle bin or landfill. When you invest in eco-friendly fabrics for resort wear, you earn more opportunities to re-wear, repurpose, recycle and regenerate - the 4 R’s of circular fashion. Bamboo, Tencel lyocell, organic cotton, alpaca, linen, hemp, and merino wool are the best fabrics for resort wear.  

So, if you’re willing to invest in sustainable resort wear pieces that you can use in the long term, Virgio, India’s only good fashion company that’s an active advocate of circular fashion, unrolls a massive collection of resort wear for women. Whether you’re sipping a glass of lemon juice by the pool or enjoying a stroll along the beach, you need casual resort wear to look chic and cool. Join us as we explore nine fun vacation clothes for women that will not only make you look fabulous but also contribute to a greener planet. Let’s dive in: 

9 Chic Circular Resort Wear Ideas For Extra Comfort & Style

We all want to look our best while holidaying. So don’t miss the opportunity to be the centre of attention this vacation by choosing Virgio’s resort wear for women: 

1. Button Up Dress 


This Cute Orange Cotton Mini Dress is a vacation must-have that combines comfort and feminine elegance. Team it up with a pair of boots or strappy sandals, and pair up minimal accessories with the dress. Its soft silhouette keeps you comfortable while lounging by the pool or exploring local markets.

2. Wrapped Dress 

Exude your feminine grace and sensual charm by slipping on this Soft Modal Wrapped Dress. Its effortless sophistication and breezy fabric make it an essential vacation wardrobe. Its delicate prints make it a perfect choice for beachside brunches or sunset walks along the shore.

3. Playsuit


Say goodbye to wardrobe dilemmas with this all-in-one solution for your resort adventures. Crafted from eco-friendly viscose fabric, Virgo’s Softest Polka Dot Viscose Playsuit With Pockets offers both style and functionality in one chic package.

4. Mini Tiered Dress 

Complete your resort look with this flowy, lightweight, Ice Cream Pink Tiered Dress by Virgio. Made of 100% cotton, its fit and flare style and adjustable straps make it perfect resort wear for women. Spruce up your holiday look in this by pairing a straw hat with this dress and a pair of sandals. Its wide square neck also lets you elevate the look by offering ample options to accessorise. 

5. Schiffli Dress

Elevate your poolside glamour with this cute, comfy and sexy Breezy Cotton Botanical Schiffli Dress. Its vibrant colours and lightweight feel make it a statement piece that transitions effortlessly from day to night. Add a head scarf with this dress to exude authentic bohemian beauty. 

6. Midi Dress


Want a bit more cover? You can’t skip this Elegant Floral Viscose V-Neck Midi Dress of Virgio. No less than a piece of art, its V-neck and vivacious teal shade help you appear as a showstopper. Its unmatched beauty is fit to boost your party mood.

7. Halterneck Dress

If you love out-of-the-box neck designs, this versatile Halter Neck Viscose Dress by Virgio is perfect for you. Its bright red hue, little white flower prints all over the dress and soft viscose fabric make it an ideal ladies' resort wear. 

8. Mini Dress With Pockets

Make a grand entrance at sunset soirees with this elegant Mini Dress With Pockets, crafted from 100% viscose. Its flowing silhouette, mandarin collar and muted blue shade capture the essence of laid-back luxury, perfect for relaxed evenings by the beach.

9. Smocked Dress

Your luxury resort wear collection remains incomplete without this Soft Cotton Smocked Dress of Virgio. Made of 100% cotton, floral prints and bright yellow shades, it lets you relax by the pool with your partner and helps you click fantastic pictures. 

As we’re at the end of our discussion, we readily agree that resort wear is not resort wear if it doesn’t reflect the relaxed, chic essence of summer holiday attire. And the only online spot where you can purchase eco-wear in India is Virgio. It’s the haven for eco-conscious travellers who no longer have to compromise style for sustainability. With an array of circular fashion options available, it's easier than ever to make responsible choices without sacrificing elegance. By embracing chic circular resort wear, you not only look good but also feel good about reducing your environmental footprint.

FAQs on Resort Wear for Women

What exactly is circular resort wear, and how does it differ from traditional resort fashion?

Circular resort wear prioritises sustainability by using recycled materials, focusing on reuse, minimising waste, and promoting ethical production practices, unlike traditional resort fashion which often relies on conventional manufacturing methods harmful to the environment.

Are circular resort wear durable for travel due to their sustainable nature?

Yes, high-quality materials like organic cotton, Tencel, or recycled viscose made circular resort wear are comfortable and durable for travel. They are fit to withstand wear and tear for long periods without compromising quality. 

How can I ensure that the circular resort wear I purchase is ethically made and environmentally friendly?

When you purchase resort wear for women from Virgio, you don’t need to question their eco-friendliness - they are crafted following strict environmental and social criteria. Virgio clothes also come with smart labels with QR codes that customers can scan and find out essential clothing details.


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