are in, to win your hearts & build a never-ending relationship. But Ya! It’s a two-way street and it all starts by being transparent & setting the right expectation!
Don’t read them as Terms, these are important to support and keep this relationship fluid! And also a way to share everything about us! Transparently! Remember

  • -  These terms of relationship apply when you use our app and/or website and/or shop with us and/or use our services.

  • -  Unlike any other relationship, We keep these terms and support pages updated and may often change them, So! We urge you to read the Conditions, our Cookies Policy, and our Privacy Policy carefully before using this website, and do so before you shop with us.

  • -  If there is anything about these terms or otherwise you want to discuss, we will love to Chat with you, just drop a note to The ACE team (Advocates of Customer Experience) through the in-app Support or write to us at The ACE team is available 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, from Monday to Friday.

    So, Welcome! We are...

    Virgio [ Ver’ gio] An aspiring global fashion brand registered under Ameyam Enterprise Private Limited. (Company ID: 1232343454) based out of 168, 19th Main Rd, Sector 4, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

    We are as young as you! but born in 2022!! Our purpose is to support you, and pamper yourself with the best of fashion collections from across the globe.

    You Must Be the One

  • ●  Awesome, Self Loving, law-abiding citizen!

  • ●  To believe in building an all-inclusive, transparent, egalitarian & responsible community.

  • ●  Passionate about looking Fabulous, Drop dead gorgeous, Self favorite, owning a most trendy envious wardrobe & much more but responsibly

  • ●  Adult franchisee, with a license to leverage technology to create something beautiful!

  • ●  You should be the boss of your finances with authorization for digital funds transfer.😉

The Platform

- Pricing and Description

We have amazing people, hustling day in and out here at Virgio, to deliver the most accurate and useful information to You.

At times we may miss out or misspell something, if we find out, we will fix it and if it impacts you, we will inform you, we may also choose to cancel the order.

However, if you find something odd, support us to fix it, by reporting to The ACE (Advocate Of Customer Experience) team!

Prices are inclusive of all taxes.
Depending on the value of your order, shipping charges may also apply (See Below). Such additional charges
will be clearly shown during the checkout process and included in the 'Total Cost'. Shopping with Us ...

We do not believe in spamming your inbox with unwanted messages telling you when the order is confirmed ... processed ... packed ... shipped, etc. We do all that in our app, to make it seamless for you.

So! when you place an order you shall see a confirmation message! once your payment has been successfully acknowledged!

We offer all sorts of Digital/Online *Payment at your click and even Cash on delivery is available at most of the pin codes (Subject to logistic serviceability). Please note that there would be a COD fee of Rs 50 against every COD order which is non-refundable.

From there on! we get into action to deliver your (to-be) wardrobe collection to your doorstep in the shortest time possible.

We do allow you to change your mind (cancel the order) till it is in “Confirmed” status, post which you can always politely ask our Delivery agent to take it back.

You won’t be able to change the order (item, quantity, address, etc.) but you can cancel and place a new order.

In the rarest of the rarest situations, we may need to cancel an order (with a heavvvyy Heart), for e.g. (but not limited to):

If the address is incorrect or untraceable:

  • ●  the package is damaged during the transit, etc.;

  • ●  the item fails quality check and/or is out of stock;

  • ●  there is a product or pricing error;

  • ●  we are unable to obtain authorization for payment;

  • ●  shipping restriction/limitation; and

  • ●  at our sole discretion for any other reason
    Again, this is the rarest of the rarest possibility! We promise to keep you informed and refund the full money (if

    paid, including the shipping fee) to your source account.
    Oh Ya! The
    Shipping fee, Well that’s only if you shop below INR 799/- (we highly doubt you would do that) but

    in case you do, you pay an INR 49/- extra, and; - If we cancel the order, we will refund it

    - but if you cancel or return it, this won’t be refunded!
    - If you believe you have been charged unfairly, please do not hesitate to contact The ACE @ support

    or write to us at P.S: Size (of the shopping cart) Does matter!

    Doorstep Delivery

    We provide free doorstep delivery for all orders above INR 799/- and share an estimated delivery time at the time of order confirmation.

    From that point on! We work very closely with our logistics partners to ensure timely delivery and not a single order gets delayed but sometimes (the weather, the jams, the restrictions, etc., etc. may come in the way of our Delivery agents order may get delayed, We will (to the best of our abilities) keep you informed and you can track the progress anytime.

    Also! Please Please support us with the right address and a working phone number, we hate to bring back the package of Joy as undelivered. We will make three attempts to deliver the order and unfortunately, we would not be able to reschedule the delivery.

    All items will be delivered in Virgio sealed packaging! Please DO NOT accept any package that appears damaged, repacked or Taped!

    You can always reach out to The ACE team if you have any unusual delay or issue with an order/item.

What if you don't like it (Return It!)
Well! That's least likely to happen! But Of Course! We do offer an easy return
, within 15 days from the date the

item is delivered, provided it is returned in the original condition and subject to the following rules:

The Rules

Hygiene: is paramount! some items that can not be returned once sold. Innerwear, swimwear, makeup, Face or Body products, or any items marked as Non-Returnable on the platform. Please check the product description carefully to be well-informed.

Condition: It is absolutely Ok to try the product on you to see if it’s a perfect match but please do NOT actually use it! All products returned will go through a Quality Check and only upon successful QC the money shall be refunded to the source account. (No ... we can not change the refund payment method, as per the regulations).

All returned items should be sent in their original condition and packaging, including tags (e.g., shoes should be returned with the original shoe box, brand tags, hygiene tags, etc.)

Extra/wrong/Miscellaneous Item returned: Virgio would not be liable for any unintended item returned to us accidentally. If you ever accidentally return a non-Virgio item/s (gold chain, bride’s ring, Safe keys, Giorgio Armani glasses, etc.) or Virgio (Virgio Pant, instead of that pant, etc.) along with the return, You may reach out to The ACE team and they will try to support retrieve the item on the best effort basis only. We may also ask you to cover the shipping fee, if we are able to trace and ship it back to you.

Missing item in packet/Incorrectly marked as delivered: Virgio would not be liable if the issue is highlighted post 48 hours from the time of order marked as delivered.

Responsibility: Return item is your responsibility until it is delivered to our Return Desk. We know folding a cloth or putting things back in a pack is an art but you can always give your best, just make sure that it is safe in the zip lock and would be able to handle the journey back to our Return Desk safely. We will of course instruct our delivery agent to take additional care of your product but if you want to go the extra mile and pack it with additional safety and care.

Here is how it works:
1. You will be able to create a return from
My Order, (choose the most accurate reason. How to Return a product)

2. A pick-up will be arranged and you shall see an estimated date upon successful return creation. You can track the progress under My Order.

3. Our delivery agent will come to pick up the product (Please ensure the product is properly packed)

4. Item will be delivered to our Return Desk for Quality & Hygiene Check

Upon successful Quality and Hygiene Check, a refund is initiated to the source account. For the refund timelines please read more

P.S: In case an item is returned to us damaged, worn, or in an unsuitable condition, we won’t be able to give you a refund and we may have to send it back to you (and ask you to cover the delivery costs). In case the item is returned as undelivered Virgio shall not be liable.

( Exchange or Replacement is not available for now but we are working to make it possible, sooner.)

Fair Play
Cheating is the most common cause of breakups! & We hate breakups! But..If we notice an unusual pattern of

activity: e.g.

  • -  Wearing their purchases and then returning them,

  • -  Unusually high returns than our committed relationships,

  • -  The items returned don't match what we shipped, are Damaged or Altered

    then we might have to revoke the account and any associated accounts status as “Separated”. If this happens to you and you think we've made a mistake, please get in touch with The ACE and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

    ○ If your account has been revoked and you need to make a valid return, contact The ACE.
    ○ Please note, that we reserve the right to take legal action against you if the items you return don't

    match what you ordered.
    ○ You may also lose all your privileges (Tokens, Coupons, membership privileges, etc. Click here

    to know more about the Separation Policy)

    Virgio Coupons & Tokens

    We make your shopping truly rewarding by;

    a.) Issuing Coupons: From Time to time, we may surprise you with a coupon, these coupons can be used at the check out to save some extra bucks!

Each Coupon has its own terms, which will be made clear at the time it’s issued to you (e.g. what products, single/multiple usages, expiration, when it can be used, etc).

(While we would hate to do it) Virgio reserves the right to cancel any Gift Coupons and user accounts at its sole discretion where fraud or misuse is suspected. Let’s be fair to everyone!

Influencer Coupon: We will collaborate with your favourite fashion influencers, who, from time to time may publish personalized coupons on their respective handles, applicable on their respective stores or select products. Please read the details published through the bio.


Successful Purchases: When a delivered item completes the return period and is not returned.