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LFW 2024: Runway Trends

Editor's desk decodes London Fashion Week. Dive in!

A fashionably hectic chase around the NYC streets, and some incredible brand lineups later, the fashion army next crashed in the city of London. Despite the royalty running down the city walls and structures, London sure knew how to be on top, in the game and well, oh so ahead, when it came to the runway. To give you a glimpse, this British fashion week – prints had THAT power, monochrome led the way, and the rows couldn’t get enough of the sheer. Dive in for more!

Dark Florals

Dark Florals

Verdict from the London ramps has come - we're going dark with florals this winter! The designers married the rosy palette to darker backgrounds, leaving it to the contrast to do its magic. Marques Almeida had intricate florals, Richard Quinn made more of a statement with larger motifs - and what we found most intriguing was Harris Reed's avant-garde take.

Cherry Reds

cherry red

Traveling across the corners of the world, the craze of Red has continued and how! The British ramp saw reds taking many shapes and textures. Dilara Findikoglu nailed the shade with a fiery mini-number whereas, on the contrary, Roksanda talked volume. So was the narrative of JW Anderson embracing the sheer and tassels, while Erdem played big on texture.

The Slip Dress

slip dresses

Another hit across fashion weeks, and an esteemed fashion staple, slip dresses were adored for their sheer versatility and the countless ways and moods they have. Richard Quinn had jaws dropping with a heavenly cinched waist, glistening in ivory, and J W Anderson went for sheer. Mithridate gave the crowd a moment to drool with a breathtaking piece and incredible styling. Erdem incorporated the slip trend with a creamy fabric, fringes around the hem, and a cinched waist.

The Corset Story


No, not that corsets haven’t been around for centuries, yet, their celebrations were glorious and went on, thanks to design innovation. The fashion week served (literally and metaphorically) the audience a plethora of interpretations, with Simone Rocha presenting a lace-up sheer cincher adorned with floral embellishments; Di Petsa going heavy on metallic texture, Richard Quinn unveiling royalty in a cream piece, and Mithridate boasting a semi-sheer tale with dazzling accents.

Bare it, Bralette

bralette trend

LFW dropped quite some signals hinting at the returning craze for bralettes and we are so here for it. Erdem threw us all into a floral fantasy with a sizzling plunge, being neck to neck in the charm-score with Sharon Wauchob’s cute peplum-like detailing. Dilara Findikoglu’s channelled uber-sexy with latex. Designer label David Koma too was guilty of raising the temperature as he pieced together lace, and bows to give girly-goth.


sheer trend

It is with no surprise that we yet again list sheer as an emerging number and deservingly call it a personal fav. It’s a story of sultry meets elegance, stealing the show every single time. Dilara Findikoglu and Central Saint Martins opted for nude hues, whereas Rodarte and Marques Almeida garnished the sheer with lace, driving the oomph factor through the roof.

Chromatic Charm

monochrome trend

Whoever ever thought monochrome’s boring, LFW has got some serious lessons for you. Be it texture play or a little fun with structure, designers got creative with it . Harris Reed and Ahluwalia hit it with incredible mono-tones, head to toe. Burberry and Roksada delivered high-end sophisticated looks that spelled power.

Fringe Frenzy

fringe detailing

Fringe made a few appearances too, stretching from dramatic moments to subtle details. Burberry explored an earthy tone with rustic neutrals whereas Erdem went all rosy in a cozy-looking ensemble. We can’t not mention Harris Reed leaving us in intense awe with what can only be called a masterpiece. Mithridate and Roksanda brought a boho mood to the ramp with carefree fringes.

3D Blooms

floral 3D corsage

Florals bloomed across collections, making a definite statement and redefining couture. Richard Quinn displayed a classy number, as opposed to Mithridate which laid a futuristic visual experience, playing with metallics and structure. Erdem hit a surprisingly romantic note with strappy leather Roksanda went all out, with grandeur.

Take A Bow

bow trend

Bows have taken the fashion world by storm. Dilara Findikoglu extended the bows to a head gear whereas upcoming designers from Central Saint Martins gave the bow an eccentric touch. Simone Rocha brought in the drama, while Richard Quinn redefined elegance with the sweetest monochrome take on the bow.

Kitten Heels Are Back

kitten heels

Kitten heels have made their way back into the fashion scene and how! Burberry had pumps complementing the monochromatic hues, whereas designers from Central Saint Martins went for the colour pop. . From Marques Almeida’s dash of fur to Erdem’s feminine core with a satin finish - kitten heels sure had a moment on the ramp.

Headpieces Galore 


Headpieces brought a touch of opulence to the runways Paolo Carzana took the rustic route with an earthy palette and texture, Simone Rocha with eye-catching gemstones, and Erdem with elaborate hats and Dilara Findikoglu with metallic headgears - the headpieces all made for stunning accessories.

Sleek & Sexy

sleek hair

Where too often runways see crazy grandeur renditions of hair, the British runway this moon leaned towards sleek back hair, creating a subtle yet stunning statement. Labels like Burberry, Marques Almeida, and Roksanda opted for a clean setting, with Simone Rocha and Dilara Findikoglu, on the other end, sprinkled a touch of extravagance to up the drama.


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